Jack under a potential threat
November 18, 2005
Jack under a potential threat

Silma Jack, also of Dark View, is the head of a household with five members. She is anxious to have her plight relieved. She is living under a shroud of danger. And with the incessant showers in recent times, the accompanying impact does not provide her with much hope of a comfortable environment. {{more}}

She recalled having suffered because of a landslide before, and she singled out the passage of Tropical storm Ivan as one such instance.

“Ah we nuh live good,” Jack said. That means in other words that things are not too well with her.

She pointed to a clump of soil above her house, which she predicts, will soon fall to the back of her residence.

“This ah all the threatening (that) dey fuh come down pon me,” she outlined.