Diamond Villagers say thanks to Cuba
November 18, 2005
Diamond Villagers say thanks to Cuba

Clients from the Diamond Village Health District who went to Cuba for eye surgery have returned full of thanks and praise.

“God carried us to Cuba to remind us how to love, and care for our sisters and brothers. I have never met people who were so friendly and kind.” That was the testimony of one man. The others agree saying, “The people were very nice to us, we will always remember them, and we want to tell them again many, many, thanks.”{{more}}

“Those Cuban doctors and health workers are very brisk and professional,” one of the out patients explained.

“They can do 100 eye surgeries in a day. The actual surgery for most of us only took about five minutes and we were able to see everything that the doctor did. After we rested, then they carried us back to the hospital – hotel where we stayed until our next appointment a couple days later.”

Another woman spoke about the hospital hotel. “We stayed on the third floor of the Hotel de las Americas. That was our ward. When we got there; they gave us soap, a suit of clothes, a $25 phone card and other supplies for two weeks.”

We felt at home

“There were two beds in each room, with air conditioning, television and bathroom. The nurses and doctors had living quarters on the same ward so that we always had caring people around us and the social workers especially made us feel at home.

“We even took part in worship sessions organised by an Antiguan sister in the recreation room and Cubans joined in the sessions. We wish we could return some kindness to our Cuban friends, but for now we say, ”Muchas Gracias” to President Castro, to Vision Now, to the medical team here in SVG and to our friends in Cuba.”