November 4, 2005
Farmers’ Day to be celebrated on Oct. 26 annually

Farmers from Fair Trade groups throughout St. Vincent have unanimously resolved to celebrate October 26th each year as FARMERS’ DAY.

The decision was made at the end of an all-day gathering of the groups at Mt. Wynne on Wednesday October 26th, 2005, organized by the SVG National Fair Trade Organization as a means of exchange and social interaction between farmers.{{more}}

WINFA has consistently over the years advocated the commemoration of a day for farmers in the same way as days are set aside to honour workers, fisherfolk, women etc. We therefore unreservedly endorse the decision made by the farmers themselves.

The Fair Trade groups are anxious to point out that October 26th FARMERS’ DAY celebrations must not be restricted either to Fair Trade farmers or banana farmers only but they will work to ensure that it encompasses ALL VINCENTIAN farmers, irrespective of produce.