October 28, 2005
RBTT Young Leaders shaping the future

The 2005-2006 RBTT Young Leaders programme has officially been launched under the theme, “Shaping the Future, Cherishing Life, Embracing Family Values, Respecting one another.”

At the ceremony held at the Catholic Pastoral Center, on Tuesday, October 17, Co-ordinator, Roxanne Dalrymple noted that while there will be the usual prizes for outstanding schools and students, this year a special prize will be awarded to an outstanding young leader who has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. {{more}}

Manager of the financial institution, Desmond Austin stressed that in a time when more love was needed, the theme of this year’s programme was timely.

Describing the programme as “a catalyst for change” was Principal of the Campden Park Secondary School, Sylvia Findlay who noted that the programme brought out the best in youngsters. Also relating her experience of the RBTT programme last year was J’misha Roberts of the Girls’ High School who endorsed the programme as a means of learning valuable skills.

Last year’s winner was the Girls’ High School. Entry forms must be submitted by November 11, while projects must be completed and submitted by April 26.