Two cribs for hospital
October 21, 2005
Two cribs for hospital

The Philatelic Services donated two cribs to the paediatric ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, September 14.

Making the presentation to the health facility was General Manager Edward Beache who stated that the Philatelic Services was committed to St.Vincent and the Grenadines in every field.{{more}}

He said that his department has made donations of sports equipment to several groups but was informed that there was a need for bunk beds on the paediatric ward and they took the initiative to source them from the United States.

One of the directors of the Philatelic Services, Ken Mapp said that they have been strengthening as an incorporated limited company where government owns the majority of the shares. He also pledged that the department would continue to make similar gestures across the country when the need arises. He also expressed hope that good care would be taken of the cribs.

Hospital Administrator Pam Bonadie expressed her pleasure at having the cribs donated by a department in the government service: “It is excellent; it is the first time that something like this has happened. I hope it would lead to bigger things. We always have needs and now that we know that we have a source that we could appeal to from time to time, we would make use of it.”