October 14, 2005
NCB boost for literacy campaign

In recognition of Financial Literacy Month 2005, the National Commercial Bank (SVG) Ltd will participate in a number of activities during the month of October.

On Monday, October 10, visits to schools in the state commenced with the SVG Community College at 10 a.m., during which a presentation on BANKING was made to students.##M:[more]#

Similar visits will be made to the Teachers’ College on Monday, October 17, the Technical College on Thursday, October 20, and the St. Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown on Monday, October 24.

Visits will also be made to Business places to inform staff of the functions of the Bank.

Activities continue with OPEN HOUSE DAY at the Bedford Street Branch on Friday, October 21, when special desks will be set up to deal with customers’ questions and suggestions, and to inform customers of the functions of the Bank.

On Friday, October 28, a presentation will be made on Radio on “MANAGING CREDIT”, and on Monday October 31st a presentation on “MANAGING YOUR HOUSEHOLD BUDGET”.

Customers and potential customers will be presented with the opportunity to learn more about Banking and the Financial Services during these programmes.