October 14, 2005
Changes in Polling Divisions

When the next general elections are called, persons in four Polling Divisions around the country will be voting in different constituencies than they did last time around.

These changes were made in accordance with the recommendations of the Boundaries Commission, which met here earlier this year to review the 15 constituency boundaries into which St. Vincent and the Grenadines is divided. {{more}}

The constituencies affected are North Windward, North Central Windward, South Windward, East

St. George, West St. George and East Kingstown.

According to information obtained, part of the North Central Windward constituency has been lost to North Windward. The old Polling Division A in the North Central Windward constituency, which is made up of residents of Caratal and Spring Village, is now Polling Division I in the North Windward Constiutency.

Part of the former Polling Division I in the South Windward Constituency, which is the area from Lower Stubbs to Diamond, is now part of the East St. George constituency. But East St. George has also lost

part of Polling Division G to West St. George. This area is made up of residents of parts of Villa, Indian Bay and Rose Cottage.

West St. George has lost almost all of what was formerly Polling Division G, which is Upper Sion Hill Estate and Richmond Hill. Residents living in these areas are now part of East Kingstown, Polling Division G.

The review of the boundaries became necessary following the last Population and Housing Census which was conducted here in May 2001. The reports from that census put the total population at 106,253 – 53,626 males and 52,627 females.

The three-member commission took the oath of office at Government House on January 27, accepting the responsibility of reviewing the 15

constituency boundaries into which St. Vincent and the Grenadines is divided.

The Commission included Aldric Williams, appointed as Chairman by the Governor General in his own deliberate judgment, Arthur Williams, appointed upon the advice of the Prime Minister and Selwyn Jones, appointed in accordance with the advice of the Leader of the Opposition.