October 7, 2005

Young man demands apology from Leacock

Benwayne Haddaway, a young man of Enhams, is demanding a full apology from Senator St. Claire Leacock within two weeks.

Just before press time on Wednesday evening, SEARCHLIGHT obtained a letter signed by Dorothy Alexander of Fair Hall who claims to be Haddaway’s aunt. {{more}}

The letter, addressed to Leacock, is dated

October 3, and demands a full apology in writing for statements she claimed Leacock made at a political rally at Democrat Square on September 28 regarding a cheque. She also wants the

apology to be broadcast by the Senator at a New Democratic Party public meeting and over NICE Radio.

Alexander indicated that if the apology was not tendered publicly within the two-week period, consideration would be given to referring the matter to a lawyer.

The writer of the letter described Leacock’s statements as false. She charged that they have damaged her nephew’s character and held him up to ridicule and contempt generally, and, more especially, among his fellow members of the Cadet Corps.