Still angels on earth after all
October 7, 2005

Still angels on earth after all

Often times the people who help to save the lives of others go unnoticed, but this time Searchlight caught up with one of those angels.

Her name is Samantha Goodluck and it was because of her quick reaction that van driver Maxwell “Chang” Davis of Dorsetshire Hill is alive today. {{more}}

Samantha recalled that on Tuesday, September 20, she was arranging the hair pieces in the beauty store she manages on Grenville Street when she looked out the window and noticed the van

H 7956 slowly roll up and stop. She thought it was odd and looked closer only to see that the driver Chang was hitting his chest and his left arm was shaking.

She recounted the incident: “When I went closer, I saw that his eyes were rolling back into his head and he was struggling to breathe. Chang had already pulled up the hand brakes so I just turned off the engine. Dr. Wayne Murray, who was off-duty was driving by and stopped. He tried to recline the seat but it was stuck. So Dr. Murray had to hold his head back so that oxygen could pass through his airway, because we realised that he was changing colour and turning blue.”

Goodluck continued: “I then dialled the hospital and gave Dr. Murray my cell phone and he summoned the ambulance and told them what was needed for the situation. It took about 15 minutes for them to reach, but the quick reaction, thanks to the doctor, I think, was very good and I gave him all the thanks for what he did.”

Goodluck said that she was just doing what needed to be done at the time because, as a driver, it could have happened to her and she hoped that other people would react similarly to save her.

She admitted that although she knew Chang, she reacted to try to save him because he was another human being who needed help. Goodluck also noted that while some people were around panicking and saying that they should lift him out of the vehicle, Chang was a very heavy man and lifting him out of the vehicle could have further complicated his condition.

Chang’s son Rudy Davis expressed gratitude to Goodluck, whom he called an angel. He also said he felt fortunate that his father was not driving downhill and did not have passengers in the vehicle and was also able to get quick help from the doctor.

He mentioned that losing his father would have devastated him. The concerned son confessed that he cried the entire night and stayed by his father’s side in the hospital throughout his suffering. Two other brothers living in California have been constantly calling to find out his condition.

Besides his ill health, it was believed that the heat was a major factor in Chang’s collapse.