October 7, 2005
Leslie Jack: Let go fear of technology

Cable & Wireless successfully staged a technology fair at the Peace Memorial Hall last Thursday and Friday, under the theme “Vincy Vision: a look into Tomorrow’s Technology,” which showed off a wide range of communications solutions and high-tech gadgets. {{more}}

Premiere Account Executive at Cable & Wireless Leslie Jack explained that the fair was aimed at helping customers bring value to their business through the latest technologies. He pointed out that one of the solutions was the Video on Demand, which hotels could offer to guests as a service.

Video on Demand allows guests the luxury of watching the latest movies through the Internet.

Jack advised many who felt that technology was complicated to let go of their fears since technology, once explained, comes down to nothing more than simple gadgets to make their lives simpler.

Jack said that there are different machines and systems out there that could bring serious value and enhance people’s businesses, and this should help them earn more money at the end of the day, and improve their bottom line.