October 7, 2005
Georgetown ‘special school’ officially opens

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said more emphasis would be placed on special education in this country.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the newly constructed building to house students with special needs in Georgetown, Monday, September 26, Dr. Gonsalves said he agreed with Principal of the School, Candice Cordice, when she made a plea for more attention to be paid to special education. {{more}}

The Prime Minister said there was an education document that has provision for teachers being trained at the Teachers’ College to have some basic training in special education.

He said the fact that the observation was made by Cordice indicated that something was not being carried out properly and that his administration was committed to education and no sector of the society would be left

out. The Prime Minister noted that he had a personal interest in special education because of a personal experience with his second son.

He stated that the education revolution would seek to identify other kinds of learning disabilities early in children. Dr. Gonsalves said a number of young boys were not given the opportunity to move on further because of learning disabilities which were never identified, or which, if identified, could not be addressed.

He also announced that a formal request had

been made to have Cheryl Adams, a visually impaired employee at the School, made permanent in her position as secretary.