Drive to make Canouan greener and cleaner
September 30, 2005

Drive to make Canouan greener and cleaner

There is a drive afoot in Canouan to create a greener environment being spearheaded by the CCA Ltd.

The efforts came to a head on Friday, September 16 and Saturday, September 17, when over 70 volunteers from CCA Limited and the community demonstrated their concern for the island by having a tree planting and clean-up event involving the school children of the Canouan Government School.

The local event, organised by CCA Limited to educate the people of Canouan that ordinary people can make a difference, received fantastic support and assistance from the community of Canouan. {{more}}

According to Iva-Lisa Mendes, a publicist for the CCA, “The fantastic response from the community, and the achievements of the volunteers, give [me] faith that the residents of Canouan Island do care about the state of the environment, and that we can make our community a greener and cleaner place to live.”

“Together we have made a difference to the problem of improper waste disposal. Volunteers cleaned up two prominent beaches and collected and disposed of plastic containers, bottles and other debris over the island,” she continued.

The event was part of one of the world’s most successful community-led global environment campaigns, Clean Up the World which involves an estimated 35 million volunteers in over 100 countries each year, uniting them towards the common goal of cleaning up, fixing up and conserving our environment.

“Clean Up the World environmental activities such as the one held in Canouan Island provide the opportunity for people to experience first hand the impact that waste has on our environment,” said Ian Kiernan AO, Founder and Chairman, Clean Up the World and UNEP Global 500 Laureate.

“I congratulate and thank the volunteers of Canouan Island for their outstanding efforts.”

In 2005 Clean Up the World is encouraging participants to pay particular attention to the state of the world’s cities and communities. Members are encouraged to focus on creating greener cities and communities by looking at their streets, parks, waterways, and roadways and how they can reduce the impact of waste within their community.

Globally, the campaign’s Patron is Fondation d’Enterprise Veolia Environment and the Global Media Partner is National Geographic Channels International. Qantas is the Official Airline and Sponsor and the Australian Government, through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is a Supporter of Clean Up the World.