September 30, 2005
Another murder at Diamonds

“Squatters at Diamond are worried that more tragedy could befall the settlement if the authorities do not step in soon and address a number of problems facing resident.

The comment came against the backdrop of the recent murder of Caldric Glasgow during an altercation believed to have been sparked by contention surrounding a plot of squatted land.{{more}}

SEARCHLIGHT was told others might suffer a similar fate to that of Glasgow, who was killed on Sunday, May 29, since the area remains a hotbed of confusion.” – SEARCHLIGHT issue, Friday, June 10, 2005.

Since this article was published there have been two other murders in Diamond, the most recent occurring on Tuesday, September 27.

Cynthia Davy, a 26-year-old woman of Diamond was brutally chopped to death last Tuesday morning.

The young woman had just exited an outside bath at her home when she received several chops about her body. Her badly mutilated body lay for some time after, still with a bath towel wrapped around it. Some fingers on one hand were missing, raw flesh exposed, testimony the severity of the attack the women had suffered.

Her ex-boyfriend Cosmore Glasgow is assisting the police with their investigations.

In an earlier interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Glasgow claimed that he had contracted the HIV virus from Davy.

He said their relationship had ended and efforts were made by him to mend the relationship since he had no intention of starting a relationship with anyone else.

He had even mentioned that he was unable to take his treatment because one of the drugs was unavailable.

Meanwhile, the police are still carrying out investigations into the death of the late Lakita Duke of Diamond, the second person that was murdered in Diamond for the year.

The nude body of the 21-year-old domestic was discovered on Saturday, August 13, in a bushy area at Diamond by her boyfriend Alfred “Philmore” Allen.