September 16, 2005
A look at CSME

Business People need to Know:

• THAT creating a favourable business environment aimed at attracting investors both regionally and internationally where there are lower production costs throughout the Region is to be desired by all.

• THAT the purpose is to remove differences and all restrictions to trade among CARICOM countries, and in so doing encourage the perception of the Caribbean as a common space and a harmonized investment area.

• THAT to retain markets abroad in the face of additional global competition the CSME will create opportunities for investment which were previously unattainable, so that businesses and companies will be able to establish themselves in conditions which are favourable to them.

• THAT previously closed markets will be opened to producers/manufacturers and business people and they will be subjected to the same taxes as national product producers/manufacturers.

• THAT free trade means more business opportunities, more efficient allocation of resources and more wealth.