September 9, 2005
Matthews: Gunshots to put back elections?

Addressing the New Democratic Party rally last Saturday night, North Leeward candidate Patel Matthews charged that there was no assassination plot on Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, of whom he said, everything he did was a revolution. Matthews therefore said it was no surprise that the Prime Minister was “talking about assassination”.

Matthews charged that the Prime Minister might use a ploy to have gunshots sounded at the elections to have it pushed back, while the real issues, such as the state of the economy go untouched.{{more}}

“We know who in this country always talk about revolution. We know Ralph Gonsalves main word from since he became a politician is revolution.

“We know those things like assassination and revolution go hand in hand. So you know when he talks revolution? You know what he is trying to do?” Matthews asked rhetorically.

“And I would not be surprised, my brothers and sisters, that at the next ULP rally or campaign that they have a gunshot fired. You know why? To create mischief in this country; to call a state of emergency and carry back the elections.”

Matthews charged that the only person who has ever made reference to the Prime Minister and his death was Senator Julian Francis when he said he would like a state funeral like the Prime Minister who was going to die before him.