PM cautious after death threat
September 2, 2005

PM cautious after death threat

Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has promised to be more cautious with his life as he told his party faithful about a plot on his life last Sunday night at Calliaqua.

Dr. Gonsalves urged a throng of his Unity Labour Party supporters that it was their duty “to protect your duly elected leader.” {{more}}

Police officers are continuing to get to the root of the matter, but the plot, which surfaced last Saturday morning has forced the Prime Minister to take a second look at his routine.

Information from the Police is that investigations, spearheaded by the Special Service Branch, are ongoing into the affair. However, owing to the sensitive nature, details were being kept to a minimum.

Dr. Gonsalves, on the platform with his elected ULP colleagues and before a crowd he estimated as 10,000, urged Vincentians to continue to stand by him.

“You have already invested in me. The returns are coming. It is unwise for you to turn back,” Dr. Gonsalves advised.

He alluded to a “plot” to kill, which he said came from political circles, but he admitted that he did not know who was behind the move.

“Police do not know who are the authors,” the PM disclosed as he stated that a lawyer told him of a plan being hatched to “take him out.”

According to the Prime Minister, a lawyer had informed him that “someone” was trying to recruit a client of the lawyer’s to join with a Trinidad and Tobago national to kill him. But that “client” apparently told the lawyer that Dr. Gonsalves had done him nothing and that he (the client) would not be involved in any contract killing.

Dr. Gonsalves, on the platform, expressed deep religious fortitude and disclosed that he was not afraid.

“They shall not prosper with any weapons they bring against me,” Dr. Gonsalves declared.

In his familiarly emphatic fashion, Dr. Gonsalves alluded to confusion within the opposition New Democratic Party.

He did not identify anyone with the plot.

“I can’t say who is behind the threat,” the Prime Minister went on, and added, “it was politically inspired.”

As far as Dr. Gonsalves was concerned, his death cannot shake the foundation of the ruling Unity Labour Party.

“This party will not be defeated” by his death.

Press Secretary Glen Jackson, a noted Radio personality informed listeners of the threat on Dr. Gonsalves life earlier during the function.

Jackson was guarded in his statement.

Elections are due here by July 2006. However, there has been intensity in political activity as the date draws near. Dr. Gonsalves has stated that he knew the election date. He has vowed to “sweat out “ the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP).”

I want to burn them out… get them tired, then ah (I) going lap them,” Dr. Gonsalves pointed out. He alluded to confusion in the opposition NDP with them not having candidates for some constituencies.

But whenever the election is going to be announced, ULP supporters will not have to wonder. “I wouldn’t tell you which rally the election date is going to be announced at. You will know it your bones.

“What you need to do is affirm every day until March 31.

“Remain steadfast with your party. Stand firm,” the Prime Minister declared.