Man found dead near China Town
September 2, 2005

Man found dead near China Town

When the body of James Harry, originally from the North Leeward village of Rose Bank was found on the streets of Kingstown last Monday the exact circumstances leading up to his death became a matter of speculation.

The former calypsonian had established himself as a cultural ambassador in keeping with the north leeward tradition. It was the late 80’s that he burst onto the calypso scene during carnival celebrations. {{more}}

‘Jake I,’ the sobriquet he used, was a consistent and prolific artist and a member of the North Leeward Calypso Tent

From a musical family, Jake I’s big number was in 1987. Called “Vanity woman” it enjoyed tremendous airplay on local radio.

That year his brother Oswald ‘Asbam’ Harry had a melodious tune called ‘Maria.’

Jake I kept up his musical standard, but over the years things took a rocky road and he drifted and was plagued by ill health.

Jake I had recently returned to his home village after a stint in the city, but apparently, the glitter beckoned him away from the rural setting.

A post mortem was expected to be conducted to determine the exact cause of death.

The Searchlight expresses condolences to the family on their bereavement.