Isabella Thomas is 102
September 2, 2005
Isabella Thomas is 102

The Thomas family of Bonhomme held a massive party last week Tuesday night, August 23, in honor of matriarch of the family, Isabella Thomas’ 102nd birthday. Thomas was born on August 23, 1903.

Several relatives and friends from overseas and various sections of St. Vincent and the Grenadines celebrated the milestone with the centenarian. {{more}}

“I feel nice. I feel happy,” Thomas said at her home.

She is the mother of 11 children, six of whom were with her to celebrate the event: St.Clair, Catherine, Ucilla, Carmalita, Catherine and Sylvia. Her only surviving sibling is Hamilton Thom.

Isabella spent most of her life as a labourer on the Argyle Estate and now, despite losing her vision she remains very jovial. She still feeds herself and lights her own pipe.

In 2003 Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne was unable to visit Thomas when she celebrated her 100th birthday as a result of being out of the state.

This time the Thomases are still hoping that the Governor General would one day visit Isabella.