Chemistry students achieve 100% passes
September 2, 2005
Chemistry students achieve 100% passes

The St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua, has again this year, achieved a 100% pass rate in Chemistry in the CXC Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEC) exams.

According to school officials, the chemistry students were determined to achieve this feat in honour of Sister Patricia Ann Joseph, their former principal and chemistry teacher, who died in tragic circumstances earlier this year. This is the 10th consecutive year the school has recorded 100% passes in chemistry. {{more}}

Newly appointed principal of the Roman Catholic co-ed secondary school, Sister Jacintha Wallace, said that “given the trauma of Sister Pat’s death, I think the students did very well.” The school recorded an overall pass rate of 77%, with pass rates of 90% or over in Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Food and Nutrition, Information Technology, Principles of Accounts and Social Studies. They also scored 100% passes in Agricultural Science, a double award subject.

Sister Jacintha disclosed that the school’s most outstanding performance came from Maria Peters who returned 10 subjects with five grade ones and five grade twos. She obtained Agricultural Science (double award) – II, English A – I, Information Technology – I, Mathematics – I, Spanish – II, Physics – II, Geography – II, Chemistry – II and Biology – II. Three other students, Roderica Neptune, Salette Paul and Kai Williams also obtained 10 subjects.

Top performer, Maria said she was disappointed that she did not get Grade 1s in Spanish and Chemistry. Despite this, she said she is “really happy.” She hopes to take Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and maybe Spanish at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College next term.

Maria expressed her thanks to “Almighty God for blessing me with knowledge and understanding.” She also thanked her teachers and her parents, James and Melena Peters of Belmont for their support.

Sister Jacintha, who has been on the job since August 1, also revealed that “some of the school’s teen mothers did very well.” St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua was the first secondary school here to accept teen aged mothers as students.