Thieves ransack Going Places Travel
August 12, 2005
Thieves ransack Going Places Travel

The staff of Going Places Travel at Granby Street has gone back to their duties as normal after a break-in at their business establishment over the weekend.

Manager of the travel agency, Deon McFelia said that on Sunday, July 24, she got a call from the police informing her that Going Places was broken into. She said when she entered the building she was shocked to see the way it was ransacked with papers thrown everywhere. {{more}}

The manager noted that the perpetrators came through the air conditioning unit, which was

protected by a steel cage. She explained that they must have been disappointed since they do not keep cash in the building and only walked away with some petty cash.

McFelia manager was however concerned about the damage done to back of the building where the doors were broken and papers were tossed about. She said that they have not estimated the cost of the damage and investigations are being carried out.

Despite the interruption to the flow of business McFelia has advised other business establishments to replace their window air conditioning units with inside air conditioning units.

She emphasised, “They seem to be removing these units and coming through the holes which are large enough for them to enter. You have to be careful and protect your property.”

The Money Gram facility, which is operated in the same building, was closed for a couple of days to update security.