Bus man badly beaten
July 15, 2005
Bus man badly beaten

A minibus operator claims he was badly beaten on Carnival Monday by eight young men after he demanded the correct van fare from them. {{more}}

Ralby Hadaway of Fair Hall, owner of the van Eclipse, HJ418, sustained injuries to his eyes, abdomen and knees.

He said the group boarded his minibus at the Peace Memorial Hall. However, when they

were ready to disembark at Rose Cottage, they wanted to pay one dollar when the approved fare for the destination is $1.50.

“I told the guys to pay $1.50. They started a ruction and rebelled. I came out of my seat to assist the conductor. I was kicked and boxed down to the ground,” lamented Hadaway.

“This is because of the service I was offering. Minibus operators go out of their way to offer a service to get people to and from. People must remember we contribute significantly to the economy and should not be treated this way,” said Hadaway.

Len Grant, Public Relations Officer for the Minibus Association, reinforced the point that the association will like to have people pay as they enter.

He said for this to be a success, the voice of the Government is needed, as well as that of the police.

Grant said Hadaway

is fortunate that he

only sustained physical injuries and was not killed.