Stoney Ground students rewarded at graduation
July 8, 2005
Stoney Ground students rewarded at graduation

The Kingstown Government School, popularly called the Stoney Ground School was one of several, which held graduation ceremonies last week.

SEARCHLIGHT was present at this event and today reproduces excerpts of the valedictory address given by the school’s top student Marlon Wilkins. {{more}}

At age five, I entered the Kingstown Government School. When I first entered kindergarten I was very nervous and I wanted to go back home. When I looked around I saw a lot of children crying and making a mess of themselves. As the weeks rolled by, I made friends and settled down. Soon it was test time and I was promoted to Grade 1.

It was more work, less play and a firmer hand of discipline. My teacher was very strict, but kind. There was a lot of competition at test time from, Kyishma, Lashanda and Crez-kemma to name a few. The work was more difficult than in kindergarten but I got through it. In a nick of time it was test time, and I moved on to Grade 2.

In Grade 2, it was quite different, because some of my friends were in another class. There were a lot of children I didn’t know. I tried to be nice to them, and in about a week we all became friends. I had a lot of fun with my new friends but my other friends thought that I was not going to be their friends again. So I made my path clear that no matter where they are, they will always be my friends. As you know test time came and went and I was promoted to Grade 3.

Grade 3 was one of the best years of my school life. There were the good times, the bad times, and the times in between. One of the bad times, is when I got flogged for a crime I didn’t commit. The good was all the love and generosity I received from my teacher, who was very kind and gentle.

It was Grade 4 now and I had to cut down on some of the playing and goofing off. Our teacher never used the strap because she didn’t like to beat children. All of us lived like family in Grade 4. Sometime we fought but our teacher handled the situation perfectly. I had a lot of fun in grade four, especially from my teacher, who was very funny, but when it came to work she meant business. As you know test time came around and I was promoted to Grade 5.

The first day of Grade 5, I was very frightened because it was the first time I had a male teacher. The second day I tried to be on my best behaviour, because I thought that Sir was very strict. But when

I got to know him he was similar

to my other teachers, kind and

generous but strict when it came to work.

It was Grade 6 now and it was work all day no time for play. The first day in Grade 6, I thought it would be different from the other classes but it wasn’t. The only difference is that four taught one class, each teacher taught a different subject. I felt really proud in Grade 6 because we were the oldest and we had to set the example for the little ones. My teachers influenced me in a lot of different ways like, “study hard, common entrance is around the corner,” things like, “on your mark, get set, ready and common entrance is the signal to go.”

The graduation also heard a report from Principal Rita Jack, Parent Teachers’ Association president Ruth Knights, comments from Senior Education Officer Dr. Alson Jack and a feature address from SEARCHLIGHT Editor Dexter Rose.

Area Representative and Minister of Tourism and Culture Rene Baptiste attended.