Human Rights group supports ban on flogging
July 8, 2005
Human Rights group supports ban on flogging

President of the Human Rights Association, Nicole Sylvester is pleased that flogging may soon be a thing of the past in schools. Noting that her organisation is against any form of violence she called instead for greater emphasis to be placed on conflict resolution: “I believe that the era has long arrived where communication and mediation could be an alternative to what was traditionally once used. It is happening around the world and good results have been seen. {{more}}It is time that St.Vincent and the Grenadines catch up also.” The Human Rights President stressed that there are certain international conventions and regulations that this country has signed on to which are some of the obligations that are now being manifested.

Human Rights Association member Duane Daniel lent support to the anti-corporal punishment lobby. The lawyer expressed the view that some corrective punishment is needed in “children who have not yet learned to appreciate reason.”

“Sometimes the odd spank is needed as a disciplinary measure, to drive home a point. That doesn’t mean going over and beyond by being abusive.” Daniel said making the point that if flogging is administered in schools, it should directed to the principal as a last resort, if there are no other forms of corrective disciplinary measures.