July 8, 2005
Free movement of goods and service


1. Free Movement of Services

Under the CSME, Member States will be required to remove any impediment which could restrict one’s right to provide Services. Individual Member States will have to ensure that nationals from other Member States have access to land, buildings and other property on a non-discriminatory basis for the purpose, which is directly related to the provision of services.{{more}}

2. Free Movement of Goods

There are no import duties on goods of CARICOM origin. Tariffs and quantitative restrictions in all Member States are removed. The treatment of intra-regional imports will be different from those coming from the rest of the world. In addition, there will be agreed regional standards for the production of goods throughout the Region. This could be a major incentive for producers/manufacturers to aim at a high standard of products. Manufacturers will be able to get their goods to over six million (14 million if Haiti is included) people in the Caribbean.