June 24, 2005
New Agriculture Institute for SVG

An Agricultural Training Institute will be set up here before the end of this year. This announcement was made by Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as he addressed the opening of the coconut water bottling facility at Congo Valley on Tuesday. He said that the Government already has $500,000 to start the institute, “to train farmers and farm workers and very importantly, bright young people who leave secondary school and who want to go into agriculture, to train them at a particular level consistent with their higher education.”{{more}}

Almost seven hundred acres of land throughout the country have already been identified by the Government for use by the graduates of the institute. The prime minister said that the land will be leased from the owners and sub-leased to the graduates, as in most cases they will not own their own land.

These measures he said should help to address the problem of finding agricultural labour. “I know there is a problem with labour. But you have to train the labour.”