Eustace wants answers about fake notes
June 24, 2005
Eustace wants answers about fake notes

Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace is demanding answers from the authorities.

This comes in the wake of a young man being arrested by the police recently for having in his possession counterfeit dollars.{{more}}

Eustace said based on information there is more to the issue.

Hence, Eustace is asking the authorities to disclose who owns the vehicle the youngman was travelling in at the time and who rented it.

“That’s a big issue,” said Eustace.

The Opposition Leader said he is following up on the issue because people need to have it clear.

He said Vincentians will be hearing more of this matter in the up coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Isaac Solomon, Local Representative of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, is reminding Vincentians during the heightened season of activity to be more vigilant when dealing with money to avoid being conned by fraudsters who produce counterfeit dollars.

Solomon said people should avoid doing money transactions in dark areas especially when accepting large denominations such as the $100 note.

He noted in instances where persons have the ultra violet lamp they should use them.

Solomon encouraged vendors to come to his office and get brochures with the upgraded security features of the Eastern Caribbean bank notes.