June 10, 2005
Principal: Death of Calvert Woods a big loss

Principal of the Campden Park Secondary School, Sylvia Findlay, recalls Calvert Woods’ short stint at the school as remarkable.

According to Findlay, Woods join the staff at the Campden Park School at the beginning of the school term of the 2003-2004 academic year. {{more}}

She described Woods as an energetic, dependable and responsible person who was very outspoken, always contributing to discussions and always making meaningful contributions. He also had a good working relationship with the staff and students at the school.

“I am always moved with the manner in which Calvert carried out his duties with energy and enthusiasm,” reminisced Findlay. She remembered Woods as being the co-ordinator of two important and successfully implemented activities (Black History Month and Independence celebrations) undertaken by the Social Sciences Department.

The Principal said that although Woods was not a member of the Sports Committee, he played a pivitol role in ensuring that sports day activities came off successfully.

“He was always there. He did not limit his involvement.”

Findlay said she considers the loss of Calvert Woods a ‘big blow to her school’ as it is not easy to lose a teacher of that ‘calibre’.

“The time Woods spent at this school was as if he has been here a long time ago.” Said the Principal as she broke into tears.

The funeral service, held at the Kingstown Evangelical Church at Victoria Park, heard remarks from Minister of Education, Clayton Burgin and the President of the Caribbean Union of Teachers.

The eulogy was delivered by Keith Joseph, President of Team Athletics SVG. Hundreds of Vincentians attended the funeral.

Woods was laid to rest at the Kingstown Cemetery on Wednesday.