Gurney Gibson awarded OBE
June 10, 2005
Gurney Gibson awarded OBE

Gurney Gibson, Managing Director of Gibsons Building Supplies Ltd. received his OBE investiture at Buckingham Palace on May 24. He was accompanied by his wife, Rebecca, youngest son, Ernie and his brother, Arnold.

Gibson, a humble lad from Campden Park, rose from apprentice with his father to a renowned builder contractor. {{more}}

In 1957 he quit working with his father and opened a furniture shop while building houses in New Montrose and later in Cane Garden. Gibson can remember building 18 houses in Montrose and over 45 in Cane Garden. His handy work can also be seen in large projects like the Young Island Resorts, Kingstown Medical College, Campden Park Housing Scheme and many more.

With his knowledge in building materials, the idea of a hardware business surfaced in his brilliant mind. He opened his first hardware business in the basement of his home in Cane Garden in 1979 with only his family, two helpers and one truck. By 1998 he was the proud owner of three branches in Kingstown employing over 100 employees. He also built a 7-unit apartment at Indian Bay.

At present, Gibson does little construction work, having passed the baton on to his eldest son. He prefers to dedicate his time to his three thriving businesses in Kingstown. Gibson has sat on several Boards over the years, some being the Housing and Land Development Corporation, the National Insurance Scheme, St. Vincent Port Authority and the National Development Foundation.

Gibson hopes to see his successors adapt and maintain the drive, discipline, determination and honesty that have made him a successful businessman. He is of the firm belief that being robbed of a sound education in your youth is no excuse for being unsuccessful in life. He is a man of many dreams – dreams he has seen materialize over the years. He succeeded and so can any one else.

Gibson is thankful to be recognized for his services in St. Vincent and urges the young generation to take the chances in life that they desire and with hard work they will succeed. Never let failure get you down.

His family wishes him all the best and is thankful for the legacy that he would one day leave to them.