June 3, 2005
bMobile, Digicel cross-texting

Cable & Wireless and Digicel have announced the signing of an agreement to begin providing a cross-network text messaging service across the Caribbean.

Customers of both competing mobile providers should now be relieved of their frustration of being unable to send and receive text messages across networks. With this agreement, which came into effect June 1 bMobile and Digicel customers will now be able to exchange text messages throughout the region.{{more}}

Lawrence McNaughton, Executive Vice-President Carrier Services for Cable & Wireless Caribbean said he is “pleased that despite the keen competition between bMobile and Digicel there are opportunities for cooperation for the good of our respective customers and the industry generally.’

And Ian Marwood, Carrier Services Director for Digicel Caribbean said his company had always seen cross network text messaging as a key growth area for telecommunication services in the Caribbean and we are delighted at the outcome of this joint effort to deliver this service. To send a text message to a Digicel customer, bmobile customers will dial 784 and the seven-digit number of the person they wish to reach.