May 20, 2005
Brooklyn CAARE group launched

An organization called CAARE 4 YOU is about to be launched in Brooklyn today.

CAARE 4 YOU is the acronym for Caribbean American Aide Restoration Emergency For You.{{more}}

The organization was started by a group of individuals who recognized the great needs in the lives of many people living in the “third world” countries, and also here in the USA.”

The group has identified these needs that include improper medical care, natural disasters, severe poverty and poor education.

The group plans to raise funds through concerts, donations, grants, and other means consistent with the law of the land. These funds will be used to bring people in need of medical care not available in their respective countries to the USA where they can receive such care, and then return them to their home healed and well.

The official launching of the organization is being held today May 20 at the Trinity Apostolic Church, 969 Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn New York.