Ricky Singh:  We are not Gods
May 13, 2005
Ricky Singh: We are not Gods

by Sheron Garraway

“Too many journalists are prima donnas and have a God complex when they do their job.” Veteran journalist Rickey Singh, speaking at a World Press Freedom Day Workshop in Grenada expressed this sentiment.

Singh noted that while it is crucial to have press freedom so that democracy can prevail, too many persons in the media abuse this freedom and it comes out in their work. {{more}}

He made the point that media practitioners must have a working knowledge of the function of news and the media whether print or electronic.

“We have been brought up to accept that the media exists to inform, educate and entertain; and that news must have a social function in reflecting the needs, realities and aspirations of the people of the society served by the media” he said.

Singh added that the conclusion is that journalists need to be aware of the social function of news if they are expected to fulfill their social responsibility.

The forum, organized by the East Caribbean Press Council was held Tuesday May 3 at the Grand Grenada Beach Hotel in St. George’s Grenada.