Mexico’s highest award for PM
May 6, 2005
Mexico’s highest award for PM

The high point of the visit to Mexico for PrimeMinister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves must have been when he received the Order of the Aztec Eagle, said to be the highest award given to a non-national. This award was bestowed on the visiting Prime Minister on Wednesday April 27 in Mexico.

But on the country to country level, ties between this country and Mexico have been strenghtened with the signing of a joint communique` between Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and President Vicente Fox. {{more}}

While on his visit to Mexico from April 25-27 Dr. Gonsalves attended the Forum for Microfinancing and Development and met with several businessmen to develop ideas for economic development.

This was the first bilateral visit made by a leader from this country and President Fox also ensured that economic and social collaboration would be high on the agenda.

The Mexican leader also pledged educational and technical-scientific progress which was signed through the Basic Agreement on Technical and Scientific Cooperation. President Fox also expressed commitment to building the international airport on mainland St. Vincent and offered Mexico’s technical assistance for both land registry and aerial photography and cartography which was all part of this country’s land registration programme.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves reported Friday that leaders expressed appreciation for the democracy practiced in their states and promised to let freedom thrive.

It was noted that President Fox had thanked Dr. Gonsalves for supporting Dr.Luis Ernesto Derbez as candidate for the position of Secretary General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OAS).