$40m for IT says Thompson
May 6, 2005

$40m for IT says Thompson

Science and Technology Minister Jerrol Thompson has announced that a total of $40 million dollars has been approved by the European Union. STABEX funding to improve Information Technology (IT) in this country.

Of the amount, $2million is earmarked for private sector development through STABEX to start the project immediately while $18 million would be put aside to continue that process with the private sector next year. {{more}} Dr. Thompson announced that the $2 million would go into bursaries for IT training within the next few months and next year $18 million for business development to promote the private sector.

The Technology Minister, speaking last Friday 22 April, noted that several Small Business Development Bills and the Electronic Transaction Bill would be brought to Parliament. He also announced that a Centre for Learning would be built to ensure that young persons receive training in the crucial area of IT.

Some 14 persons have already graduated from the regional training academy called CESCO, where they have been certified in programming and fixing switches in networks. The Minister also pointed out that $3.85 million was approved from the World Bank to be used to improve the Internet in schools, clinics and libraries across the country by 1 August 2005. He noted that government had also established a bursary fund so that persons can receive training and funding to set up small projects in IT. Dr. Thompson also announced that the soon to be built Centre of Excellence will house and integrate businesses in IT. He also announced that he has been re-elected President of the Regional Telecommunication Union.