SVG documented on DVD
April 22, 2005
SVG documented on DVD

The Ministry of Tourism has packaged the beauty of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and Culture into a 15 minute DVD film entitled “Jewels of the Caribbean.”

The production focuses on the history, people and natural beauty of the 31 islands and cays, and is punctuated with background music by Soca Monarch Bomani, with his “Who am I.” {{more}}

Baptiste reported that the film seeks to ensure that St.Vincent & the Grenadines is marketed at a high standard, especially internationally. She announced that Westminster Communications Group which is based in Canada, had produced the DVD at a cost of US$4-hundred thousand after eight months of filming and production. Baptiste noted that the DVD is interactive and has Internet links when played on a computer and was shown at the International Tourism Trade Show, which was held in Canada April 19 and would be updated by the company regularly. She said the package, which is done in four languages, French, German, Spanish and English and can be mailed to various persons. Westminster Communications had received 46 awards for their productions, which include projects for automobile company Ford and fast food outlet Mc Donald’s. Some 60-thousand DVDs have been produced for distribution.