April 22, 2005
Rastas commend Dougan’s courage

Ras Izaras, Ilect of Records, from the Nyahbingi Order, commended Magistrate Dougan “for his outspoken conviction of the marijuana plant.”

“It has been an echoing cry of the Rastaman through the evolution of time,” Ras Izaras uttered. “For the governments of the Caribbean to decriminalize marijuana and make vital use of all possibilities, will be beneficial to the Caribbean.” {{more}}

“The Almighty in His generosity and wisdom has extended to us as a people a gift,” Ras Izaras added.

“We need to understand the plant and use it effectively,” the Rastafarian outlined.

It is the duty of all mankind to make maximum use of all the gifts, ingenuities, capacities, and resources which have been placed at our disposal.” said Izaras,since “these resources must not be taken for granted as they have been given to us to benefit our livelihood.”

Izarus concluded: “We therefore should follow the example of developed countries and market what we produce for the highest benefit to posterity and ourselves. Each one of us has a sacred duty to fulfill this trust and to prove ourselves worthy of the fertility of the earth”.

Magistrate Dougan’s statement’s however have sent shock waves through sections of the regional media. The Barbados Saturday Sun in its editorial April 16, 2005 stated:

“As a former Attorney General, he must also know that as we begin to think in terms of the Caricom Single Market and Economy if it is realised that St. Vincent and the Grenadines is deliberately following a “Trade Policy” that creates problems for any of its Caricom partners there could be serious repercussions.”

The Barbados Advocate expressed the view that Dougan’s “mouthing could make life difficult for passengers from St. Vincent as the ganja trade has done for Jamaicans arriving at various destinations”.