Petit Bordel – Outstanding at Science
April 22, 2005

Petit Bordel – Outstanding at Science

The Petit Bordel Secondary School has proven that schools in the rural community can also shine in the science faculty after winning prizes for Outstanding, Most Original, and first and second in the secondary categories.{{more}}

With bright, excited smiles on their faces, the students expressed confidence in themselves and noted that they wanted to show others that they could be just as proficient in science. They expressed thanks to their teachers Christopher George and Ethron Creese, along with principal Wendy Rodney for their support.

They said that it was not only about winning, but also about representing their school at a higher level. The Petit Bordel Science students stressed that they wanted to do something different so people knew that not because they came from the Leeward side of the island they were limited to being underdogs, but that they too could be on top.

They took first place for their Solar Distributor project and second for another which identified substances found in water in their community to analyze if it were safe enough to drink. They found numerous substances such as ammonia and copper but determined that the water was indeed safe enough to drink. The students said they plan to conduct similar investigations throughout the country.