April 15, 2005
Minister to watch high prices on vehicle parts

Price control officers have come under fire from Transport and Works Minister Julian Francis.

Speaking at the press briefing last Friday, April 8, the minister said that the officers were not doing a sufficiently good enough job to ensure that spare parts for vehicles do not reach exorbitant prices. {{more}}

He said there was an act for price control for automobile parts such as; batteries, brake pads, oil filters, spark plugs among other things which must be enforced.

The Minister said more needs to be done to regulate and police these items not just for mini-bus drivers, but for automobile owners generally. He said that there would be a re-newed vigilance on price control from the Ministry of Trade to ensure that these prices do not continue to skyrocket to suit the vehicle parts shop owners.

Francis also pointed out that due to the tints being taken off from the font of the vehicles accidents have been reduced by 33%. He said the tints were obscuring the view of drivers.