Robin: Don’t propagate false information
April 8, 2005

Robin: Don’t propagate false information

Commander David Robin has asked local media not to propagate unsubstantiated information and to be more cautious with the information they give out about the missing persons. He said this after recent rumours surfaced after one radio station reported that the missing persons had been found on an oil tanker and were now safe. {{more}}

The Coast Guard boss said these statements on the airwaves cause anxiety to the families of the missing persons not only in St.Vincent but in Grenada as well and that both foreign ministries contacted each other only to find out that those statements were untrue. He urged the media to contact the Coast Guard before they make any statements on air.

Commander Robin, who admitted that he has challenges within the Coast Guard said four of their seven vessels are not working. He said government is however trying to rectify this problem by budgeting to purchase a new vessel. He warned persons to be more careful when going out at sea. He said there had been weather advisories and choppy seas with waves up to seven feet for the past week.

Minister of National Security Sir Vincent Beach had, in an earlier press conference urged politically motivated people not to make the persons missing at sea a political issue.