April 1, 2005

Education revolution in SVG

There is a revolution going on in St. Vincent and the Grenadines according to Parliamentarians of the ruling Unity Labour Party. But the Opposition New Democratic Party is not supporting such claims. {{more}}

But a Motion brought by Education Minister Michael Browne was carried last Wednesday night as the House ended its second straight day.

Debate on that motion was widespread and sometimes caustic. Browne referred to a “comprehensive, all-embracing and far-reaching Education Revolution,” embarked upon by the Unity Labour Party of which he is a part.

Eleven members of the House supported the Motion and four opposed.

The motion noted that community, parents, teachers, students, policy makers and policy administrators have been in overwhelming support.”

The West St. George representative, Browne sought endorsement to the major elements of the Education Revolution ‘as it related to early childhood education, universal access to quality primary and secondary education, technical and vocational education, special education, post -secondary education through Community College, tertiary education, including the adult Literacy Crusade.’

Browne sought “material resources on an ongoing basis to support adequately the continuation of the Education Revolution.”

There were some sparks of indifference as the debate rolled over.