April 1, 2005
Easterval gets telecoms boost

Union Island came alive last weekend with the bustling of Easterval activities.

Cable & Wireless truly kept the festival alive for Union Island Easterval 2005 as the proud sponsor of the Monday T-shirt band. {{more}}The revelry began at Big sands and the crowds danced to the sweet rhythm of local soca music on their way to the grand finale in the central area of Clifton.

Revelers wore white t-shirts, as a symbol of peace as well as Cable & Wireless bandanas.

The “jump up” which keeps getting bigger every year attracts persons from neighbouring Islands and is deemed the biggest celebration of the year in Union Island.

According to a Press release, Cable & Wireless, recognizes the role that cultural celebrations like Easterval play in enhancing the tourism product of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and is happy to have contributed to the success of the Union Island Easter Activities.