Cells in cells at prisons
April 1, 2005
Cells in cells at prisons

Inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison in St. Michael Barbados, about two miles outside capital City Barbados, seem to be having full access to modern communication.

Even in the height of an outbreak of fire at the incarceration centre, phone calls were emanating from behind the prison walls. {{more}}

Inmates maintained a lengthy conversation with a Vincentian talk show host who conducted interviews with at least one Vincentian jailed for marijuana possession.

The inmate fulfilled his promise to call back after purchasing a new phone card.

The apparent smooth nature of that exercise has raised speculation as to the ready accessibility to telephone calls by inmates. Reports in the Barbadian nation newspaper also exposed the widespread use of cell phones by inmates. They kept up “blow by blow details of the situation at the jail.

Persons familiar with normal prison methods are alarmed that there seems to be a thriving cell phone business at Glendairy.