First Caribbean completes merger
March 18, 2005
First Caribbean completes merger

With the lower Halifax branch of First Caribbean International Bank now closed, operations have now officially been moved to the upper Halifax branch, where that building was under refurbishment.

Manager, Andre’ Codogan, said customers have been extremely patient as they went through the dust and noise of construction to improve accommodations for their staff and clients. He said he’s happy it’s now over.{{more}}

Codogan said Country Manager Earl Crichton and the staff intermingled with clients, on March 10, and served refreshments as a way of thanking them for understanding and bearing with that uncomfortable period.

First Caribbean International Bank resulted from the merger of two complementary financial services; the Caribbean-CIBC West Indies Holdings Limited and Barclays Bank PLC.

The bank has a market capitalisation of US $2.4 billion dollars and serves 15 countries.