YES workers  advance  training
March 11, 2005
YES workers advance training

Though the Youth Empowerment Scheme has been successfully providing opportunities to expose young people to the world of work the Youth Affairs Department continues to offer training to them.{{more}}

Some forty youths participated in a one-day session covering what Youth Officer Carlos Williams called “soft skills”. The areas covered included Professional Image and Attitude in the Workplace, Why Work and Effective Budgeting and Developing Good Human Relations.

Wednesday’s opening ceremony counted with the presence of junior Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports Clayton Burgin who used his own life as an example of what can come of involvement of youth groups. He told the gathering that they can reach very far by involvement in youth groups that he said he had been doing since an early age.

Burgin told the grouping of young people that they are the greatest assets of the nation and outlined that there are many opportunities to study at university and other levels. He noted that besides the forty-one students about to leave for Mexico on university scholarships there would be more scholarships available for Cuba this year.

He encouraged the youth to examine their role in life and warned against wasting opportunities. Again using his own life he mused that at one time he was called Mr. Seminar since he would simply hear about seminars being conducted somewhere and ask the organisers to attend.

Anastacia Harry of the Youth Affairs Department chaired Wednesday’s training session.