March 4, 2005

Do not sell your country for blood money – cops warned

Police officers here have been warned against being influenced by Drug dealers. The advice came from Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Cyril Doyle last Thursday 24 at the Passing Out of 345 new Police officers. {{more}}

Doyle reminded the new security officers that they will be required to “seek the criminal offender wherever they may be found and bring them to justice.”

In an admission of the trend today, the Deputy Commissioner pointed out that “dedication and courage” was needed, for as he put it: “ Criminals of today are prepared to take up arms to prevent you from executing the law.”

DCP Doyle outlined that “there is a special breed of criminal elements that will challenge you and seek to destroy you in a very subtle way.”

In a direct reference to drug dealers, Doyle emphasised: “They will seek to distort your views about what’s right or wrong.”

But the DCP said: “Do not be persuaded to sell your country, your integrity and honour for blood money. If ever you are approached, if you cannot arrest them, expose them using the appropriate channel.”

DCP Doyle reminded the Police officers that learning was an ongoing process.

“You must not be satisfied with mediocrity, or you will run the risk of becoming complacent,” Doyle went on.

The DCP reminded the new officers of the rapidly changing society, and urged them to “seize every opportunity to improve your academic skills and to broaden and expand your horizons.”

Doyle also warned the new Officers about taking short cuts, as practiced by some senior colleagues.

The DCP also highlighted the requirements of physical and mental fitness, and that officers had to show alertness in their duties.