Cruickshank planning  political comeback?
March 4, 2005
Cruickshank planning political comeback?

Is former member of the New Democratic Party (NDP) administration Allan Cruickshank planning a comeback?{{more}}

When this question was put to Cruickshank Tuesday on the party’s New Times programme by host E.G Lynch, the former minister of government was non-committal. He declined to answer directly, saying only that the people in his constituency know his position on that.

Cruickshank, who called in to the popular programme Tuesday, complained about the trend where the term NEW is being prefixed to the name of the New Democratic Party.

He said that the party had a legacy of having survived thirty years and therefore those things that are happening now must be combined properly and dealt with carefully with the new things so that the old would not feel ashamed and feel unwanted and the new feel vibrant.

He expressed the opinion that “things were getting very well” within the NDP and that he was “neither old or new but somewhere in between” within the party. He said he would support the party under any circumstances.