March 4, 2005
ASP Davis: Don’t be rude to the public

If the 45 new Police officers pay attention to Assistant Superintendent of Police Artis Davis, they will perform their duties with some degree of decorum. They will always be reminded of their Passing Out parade, and Davis words will echo in their heads. ##M;[more]##

He urged them to “guard against arrogance, incivility and rudeness.” That was at the 24th Passing Out parade last week Thursday.

Davis, head of the Public Relations and Complaints told the officers: “The public who are your employers will not tolerate a rude Police Officer.”

Davis went on: They will applaud you when you perform your duties with discretion and common sense. They will support and appreciate your efforts when you show care and compassion when they are in distress”

Davis also stated that: “when your performance is unsatisfactory, they will ridicule you.”

The batch of 45 officers comprised 37 males and eight females. Eighteen of the new officers will be assigned to the Coast Guard while the others will be attached to the various stations and branches in the constabulary.

The new officers endured 24 weeks of training covering areas like law and procedure, drills, musketry, psychology, sociology, government, Human Rights and, gender issues, interpersonal relationship, effective communication, First aid, and community Policing.

According to Davis, qualities of loyalty and integrity were instilled as part of the training. Resource persons from different spheres of the society shared their experiences with the new officers.