Helmet saves 2 Kool Chris
February 25, 2005

Helmet saves 2 Kool Chris

Local radio personality, turned biker-boy Chris “2 Kool” Jones missed a date with death last weekend in St. Lucia.

Jones collided with a truck on Sunday on his way back to his hotel. {{more}}

The St. Lucia trip, an event staged by the local Cycling Association to raise funds for charitable organisations, was supposed to be a weekend filled with activities. However, tragedy struck when Jones, riding his Yamaha bike, was rubbed from the side by a truck over-taking on a highway.

Initial reports coming out from St. Lucia claimed that “2 Kool” was lying in a coma in a public hospital in Castries. However, contacted Tuesday by SEARCHLIGHT at his home here in St. Vincent, the radio announcer assured that his accident, though serious, did not have any major injuries which would have caused him to be in a coma.

Jones, noticeably absent from his “AM Mahem” morning programme at Hot 97 FM said: “I have some bruises from the accident, but I am okay”.

His accident could have been much more serious if on this occasion he had not taken the precaution of wearing a helmet.

The popular radio dee jay, who is favoured for his high energy and vibe on air, sounded a bit dazed, but assured he would be back on air shortly.

Only recently, Daniel “BJ” Johnson, another member of the Bikers Association, lost his life in a tragic motorbike mishap on the Richmond Hill public road.