Dr. Linton at home
February 25, 2005
Dr. Linton at home

NDP Party Chairman Dr. Linton Lewis came to his party’s convention Sunday very prepared and ready to make an impression on the supporters.

In a brief address at the beginning of the forum, Lewis managed to hold the rapt attention of the crowd as he played on the theme of something from nothing. {{more}}

He listed a series of projects the former NDP administration had implemented during its 17-year reign which he claimed the ruling Unity Labour Party(ULP) have termed “nothing.” Each time he enumerated a project, he charged that the ULP, upon taking power, had now called these same projects “something”. These included the “Little Tokyo” Bus Terminal, the St. Vincent Community College, The Kingstown Vegetable Market, water and electricity among others.

Dr. Lewis lost in the electoral contest in 2001 to the ULP’s Mike Browne in the West St. George constituency. He has now declared that he intends to contest the next election in East St. George from where he hails and, which was formerly represented by his elder brother Stanley “Stalky” John. At the convention his supporters wore T shirts with the slogan “Home Boy Come Home”.