February 18, 2005
LIAT flying brighter skies

“I can see a light at the end of the tunnel”.

That is how Chief Executive Officer, Garry Cullen described the financially-distressed LIAT’s position, following a $44 million bail-out.{{more}}

Cullen, at a press conference at Roy’s Inn Tuesday 8th, outlined part of an expansion plan to resuscitate the airline and make it a more viable entity.

“…We are looking at two areas in particular. We are looking at offering more non-stop, longer sector services between the Eastern Caribbean. At the moment, fairly a large part of LIAT’s network is multi-sub-sector. So, we are looking at introducing some longer non-stop services. And we are also looking outside of the immediate Eastern Caribbean,” Cullen stated.

The CEO said detailed discussions were underway with two aircraft manufacturers and the company intended to upgrade some of its fleet as well as purchase some new ones.

The media was informed that LIAT’s payroll was reduced by over 25% over the past four years and the airline had lost considerably less than other airline in the last two years.

Cullen said the company had been given the opportunity to move forward and it had a major job ahead to turn things around.

“Now we finally have the opportunity, we’ve got to take all our strength, all our experience, all our dedication, and creativity to make it work,” he stated.