Grenadines Solid Waste Project moving ahead
February 18, 2005
Grenadines Solid Waste Project moving ahead

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) has been holding consultation with communities in the Grenadines as part of the Grenadines Solid Waste Management Project (SWMP) being implemented by the Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) which began February 1st.{{more}}

The Project is to be run in two phases. The first will examine possible sites and make recommendations for the type of facility that could be operated and maintained while the second focuses on the institutionalization of the chosen waste management facility.

The CWSA/SWMU visit to Bequia, Canouan, Union Island and Mayreau was in preparation for the first phase of the European union sponsored project slated to run from February to September.

Presently, the Grenadine islands of Bequia and Canouan operate a sanitary dump, and the Union Island facility is a controlled dump site, all of which were refurbished under the World Bank sponsored Organsation of East Caribbean States (OECS) Solid and Ship Generated Waste Management Project. The present project aims to put facilities in place on each island that would be operated in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.